We can supply and install a vast range of polycarbonate products for instance twin wall, triple wall etc., in a large variety of finishes, obscured, tinted, clear etc. These products are more commonly associated with conservatory roofing.

For commercial installations our engineers can provide all necessary steel work and support beams together with glazing bars clad in UPVC or powder coated, along with guttering, flashings etc to any RAL colour matching and window installation.

Polycarbonate is also available in solid form from 3mm to 12mm with this product proving to be virtually indestructible providing endless possibilities for usage where security and safety issues are paramount. Fitted correctly polycarbonate offers a solution to prevent many burglaries. However, incorrectly fitted this product can flex on impact and dismount from the glazing system. There are many ways to overcome this even on vulnerable roofs where it is important to remove the issues associated with 'fragile' roofing as laid out in the CDM Regulations.

For Fire Regulations, polycarbonate does not contribute towards the spread of fire and has a Class 1Y rating.

As stated under our 'mirror classification' polycarbonate is available in many forms to provide safety and security by visual awareness in the working environment.

The Environment & Sustainability

Multiwall polycarbonate can achieve 'U' values of 1.5 W/M2 whilst allowing good light transmission.

Polycarbonate and the associated products (aluminium glazing bars, guttering etc.) are 100% recyclable.

This product is available with various non-scratch coatings (Mar-guard) however in the real world wear and tear from grit and scratches will occur as cleaning instructions get lost or ignored. dependent upon the installation location if clear scratch free viewing is required the polycarbonate will need replacing, much sooner than glass. Therefore in reality expect to replace this product approximately every five years maximum to keep clarity of vision.