School Window Film Installation

We are able to supply a comprehensive range of window films to suit various needs within a School environment, from bringing glass panels up to safety standard, to saving on energy and privacy, or simply making the glass more pleasing to the eye.

We can supply and/or professionally install a wide range of safety window film within Schools and local authorities to meet the stringent testing of BS 6206 Class B.

Glass Safety Film in Schools

Glass Safety Films protect children and others by holding broken glass in place, reducing the injuries that would otherwise happen. Safety film is ideal for a school environment as it provides an additional safety measure should children have an accident when throwing balls or other items around. This safety film ensures the glass complies also with the higher standard of BS EN 12600.

Reflective Mirror Films.

There are many window film colours which can be manufactured to order for your school, however the most popular type is Silver and Gold. This window film is great at providing one way privacy (under the correct lighting conditions).

Window Films In School

Temporary Window Repair for Schools

Our window film can be used as a temporary safety measure in schools whilst waiting broken glass to be replaced. Our Window Film is a must stock item for Schools, College's Hospital's along with any/all public buildings.

Purchase Window Film

We offer quantity discounts on 10 rolls and over. Stocking of this product also reduces the need for Emergency boarding of internal panes, thus reducing long term costs.

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If your school or local authority requires Window Film installed or would like to speak to us for an estimate, please contact us with your requirements.

Window Films In School
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