food display protective screens

Hallway Divider Screens

We can build and install divider screens for any school environment, helping to maximise the space and area available to keep students and year groups apart.

Our protective screens can help in the process of controlling or limiting the spread of infection in your establishment and can easily be wiped down and disinfected.

Hallway dividers are great for creating a one way system in order to reduce face-to-face interactions.

Classroom Partitions

We know schools are getting denser in population and the importance of creating new spaces for students. Our partition dividers can be temporary set up to create new learning spaces, keeping students separated from other classrooms and also help reduce sound and keep it contained within an area.

Our classroom partitions can be quickly cleaned and sterilised allowing fast transitions between class sessions.

school class room partition divider screens
School Desk Divider Screen

Desk Dividers

Our table desk dividers are a quick and effective solution to splitting desks into safe zones for students and teachers. The desk dividers are easy to relocate for quick reorganisation of space and provide an effective barrier to protect against sneezing, coughing and transmission of viruses. The desk dividers are strong and made from polycarbonate, providing a safe solution for environments where accident are prone to happen.

Desk Screens

Desk screen dividers provide a protective barrier between students and staff and are ideal for any office work environment, such as an IT room or reception desk area.

The desk screen dividers can be secured in place to prevent movement or removal, with a transparent or coloured divider.

school desk divider screens
Temporary Divider Screens

Temporary Divider Screens

Our temporary divider screen solutions are quick and easy to relocate and ideal for temporary partitions, such as reception desk, tuck-shops or teachers desks. The divider screens can be a complete solid screen, or made for easy passing of small items and allow speaking through.