Food Display and Preparation Screens

Food Displays and Preparation Screens
food display protective screens

Protective Food Display Screens

Protective food display screens are the perfect way to protect your staff and food products from being contaminated by sneezing or customers touching the food prior to being sold. Our bespoke built protective screens are ideal for shops where cakes, pastries and other food items are sold and prepared.

Protect open and visible food preparation areas

Our bespoke built food display screens create a barrier between people and help reduce and prevent the spread of diseases such as the flu and other viruses. Our food display screens can also be fitted with specially designed communication zones to allow conversation and small items to be passed back and forth. The protective screens can be made to order and built to fit your premises and designated area, so please contact us to arrange a viewing and quote.

food display protective screens
food display protective screens

Protective Display Shelving

Our protective screens can be used as shelves or counters for staff and customers to place food, drinks, trays or money on whilst you conduct your transaction. The shelves can be quickly wiped clean and require little to no maintenance. The protective shelves create a physical barrier preventing touch and viruses transmitted through close contact and droplets in the air caused by coughing or sneezing. Our protective glass shelves provide an effective virus control screen that are wipeable and easy to clean.

Catering Sneeze Screens

If you are in the catering industry, service industry or display food at exhibitions, you'll know the public like to inspect and get up close to you as you work and prepare your food. This can then lead to getting sick as germs and virus are passed along unknowingly. In order to protect yourself, your clients and your produce, we can build a bespoke protective food display, to shield from viruses, sneezing, coughing and other activities that may cause a disease to spread. We can manufacture protective screens to suit your individual requirements from small to large areas.

food display protective screens
food display protective screens

Covid-19 Food Safe Screens

According to scientists, the corona virus spreads by touch, coughing and sneezing. Our protective food screens can create a barrier to prevent the spread of the corona virus in your food preparation and shop environment. Our food display screens will protect against current, but also future pandemics or outbreaks too. The display screens are strong and durable and can provide a hygienic barrier to distance people safely.

Get a quote

To arrange a quote or if you have any questions regarding out food safe display screens, please contact us now and we will be happy to help.

food display protective screens


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