Armour Plate Glass definition

Frameless glass doors, normally made from 8, 10 or 12mm Toughened Glass.

We supply and fit Armour plated, AP Doors, which have toughened glass has stress deliberately introduced into it through a controlled method of toughening. Producing as the name states a tougher product against face impact. If the product should fail it will do so in a designed safe manner.

  • Improved strength
  • Improved thermal resistance
  • Improved flexibility

When broken the smaller fragments of glass should not cause major injury. However, injury is still a possibility dependent upon the exact circumstance of the breakage (for example in a type 'A' failure glass attached to the top rail when falling could cause severe injury to a person entering or leaving the door way).

Above shows standard basic configuration of available external door types for side hung pivot doors. Various handles and lock combinations are available.

Many other systems are available including sliding, revolving doors, Manet range etc. Over the years we have probably replaced them all, even back to lead poured rails.

Our AP Door finishes are available in Aluminium, Silver, Black, Bronze, Anodised, Stainless Steel, Satin or Polished.

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of replacements and new installations of these AP doors, we also have the capabilities to replace or repair all associated fittings i.e. floor springs, pivots, locks, patches, handles etc.

We are able to offer full maintenance agreements for all your armourplate door needs to meet the most stringent Health & Safety requirements as laid out in the DDA Regulations.

The same service can be offered for Aluminium and wooden doors to ensure a trouble free life expectancy. Please email us for more information or telephone the sales team and a representative will be glad to pay a visit to discuss your needs.

  • AP Doors Replaced
  • Adjustments made to ensure ease of operation
  • Hold opens removed or added
  • Clearance altered and adjusted
  • New floor springs and fittings supplied
  • All types of Door Closers, Panic Bars etc supplied to meet your needs

Armour plate glass offers security as well as safety, protecting your property with one of the most secure safety glasses around. If you need AP glass door security and peace of mind, contact us now.


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