Teleflex window gearing is one of the most common types used to operate high level openers in Schools, Colleges and other public buildings. Giving the advantage of a localized operating system with a wind handle within easy reach, or an electric option is also available.

We carry out the design and installation from new and can also offer maintenance and repairs with various standard parts being a stock item.

There are various options available on new installations and we will glad go through the options with you. Things to consider are the weight of an individual opening window or bank of windows, the distances involved (including height) the material the windows are made from – Timber, UPVC, Aluminum, steel etc.

As well as the windows resting plane - vertical for most casements or in the case of a skylight – near horizontal.

Installation & Repair Service

We happy to undertake small as well as large projects. The small works can normally be carried out in one visit, providing enough information has been given for us to do so.

We carry a large stock of materials and fixings and also carry out other window & door repairs if requested.

High Level Window Solutions

Falling under 2 headings: Manual & Electric - Manual can be subdivided as follows:-

Cord operators

These are now very rarely seen.

Folding openers

Often called cam stays, there are various quality products available, these can be used on high windows and operated via a pole. They do however have limitations and they can only open the full preset amount.

Lever/rod mechanisms

These are used more on curtain walling & have limitations. You can see older versions on very old properties, the timber windows opened via a brass crank handles which were designed for the system. This however was an extremely expensive item to purchase and install and are now no longer available


Which comprise of a reachable rotating operating handle which is connected to a variety of actuators which open the sash via a conduit with an internal flex. This is the most popular solution and is often seen in School Halls. It enables the windows to be opened a variable amount.