What are office partition screens?

Since the rise of Covid-19, the need for social distancing in the work environment has become more important than ever. Our Office Partition Screens are an ideal solution for keeping staff safe and separated where space may be limited. Office partition screens are also known as screen dividers or social distancing screens and can be used as both a temporary or permanent solution for keeping staff and customers at a safe distance behind a protected screen that cannot be penetrated by viruses.

glass screen in doctors surgery
glass screen in doctors surgery

What are partition screens made from?

Our office social distancing solutions can be fitted with Glass or Polycarbonate panels that can be frosted in part or total to provide some additional privacy. The glass screens and polycarbonate panels can be bespoke made to fit your desk area or as required in your chosen location.

Polycarbonate is lighter than glass and has a high impact-resistance in comparison. Polycarbonate is transparent and very durable, making it an ideal solution for partitioning areas such as office environments, shop checkouts, pubs, restaurants and general shop retail zones.

Glass or polycarbonate dividers have an additional benefit, as they are very easy to clean, allowing the screen to be sanitised and kept virus free, reducing infection and viruses from spreading.

The transparent screens allow light easily through, keeping your office lit up and enabling communication via site and sound.

Office Social Distancing Screens

Our glass and polycarbonate screens are an excellent method of creating social distancing by separating people in office or work environments. Our bespoke fitted screens are available in a wide range of options, including desk-mounted partitions, frameless dividers, mobile dividing screens and freestanding screens.

The social distancing screens can also be tinted to allow privacy or provide colour to liven up an area, including adding your company logo. An example of a screen divider might be used in a hair Salon where clients need to be kept separated to meet social distancing guidelines. Our office screens allow more staff and visitors to be in a single location by preventing the spread of viruses and other diseases. If you are looking to add social distancing within the office environment, then our screens are perfect.

sneeze screens

Preventing illness spread from sneezing at work

Our office social distancing screen are an excellent way to prevent transmission of diseases that spread via sneezing, coughing or other bodily fluids in the air. The screens act as a barrier, catching the droplet as they fly in the air. The screens can be wiped down for easy maintenance, offering protection to staff and visitors. Glass screens cannot protect you from all air-born viruses though as an air-tight container would be required.

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