School Window Replacement

We have replaced numerous double glazed windows in upgrades in Schools and other Commercial buildings over the years. We recently replaced the upper floor windows to replace the existing style windows with newer modern windows that are compliant with all safety regulations and provide extra insulation and sound proofing.

Before 1
Before School Window Replacement
Unsightly draughty and noisy sliding windows held in place with wooden bars due to their flexibility.
After 1
After School Window Replacement
Replaced with brown UPVC windows incorporating Low E Toughened Safety Glass and Side hung sashes.
Before 2
Before School Window Replacement
High level metal windows unsightly, noisy and draughty with virtually no insulation value.
After 2
After School Window Replacement
New white UPVC window, top hung casement, Low E Safety Glass and a white fixed infill panel to the top.

Window Noise Reduction

Our window installations can help reduce noise and sound pollutions from outside the school, but also from the inside out. The noise reduction aids in allowing a noise free classroom allowing teachers to communicate easily with students and improve their concentration and reduce distractions from outside of the building.

If your school is in a residential area, you may also want to reduce the noise levels leaving the school, such as in sports halls or music rooms. For bespoke noise reducing solutions, please contact us with your requirements.

noise reduction in schools
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